Plant of the week: INVINCIBELLE® Ruby Smooth hydrangea

Invincibelle® Ruby hydrangea is a real gem of a plant. That’s why it’s our 2020 Hydrangea of the Year!

First, it’s a Hydrangea arborescens. That means you get the durability and reliable flowering of this outstanding native species.

  • Blooms on new wood
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 3
  • More tolerant of water stress than Hydrangea macrophylla

How awesome is all of that?

It gets even better, because Invincibelle® Ruby has outstanding color: the ruby red buds open to bright pink florets with a flash of silver on the underside of each petal.

The flowers are beautiful, and there are plenty of them since Invincibelle® Ruby is a strong rebloomer. Once this hydrangea gets going in summer you have months of flowers ahead of you!

It will get 3-4′ tall and wide, and grows in full sun to part shade.

Hydrangeas Demystified
Hydrangeas continue to be a top seller as well as the #1 subject of questions. That’s why we have some resources available for you to share with your readers, seminar participants, or anyone else you think might like one!

Our Hydrangeas Demystified flyer is our most popular hand-out. You are welcome to link to this resource on your own newsletter or website. Those of you who are admirers of H. arborescens and H. paniculata will also appreciate this booklet on hardy hydrangeas.

If you’d rather watch a video, Laura from Garden Answer has a nice one. And if you want more detailed information about pruning and other hydrangea care, check out our YouTube library – we’ve got how-to videos on pruning, deadheading, and protecting your hydrangeas overwinter.

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