Plant of the Week: SPARKY™ Clematis

Sparky™ Clematis (here’s a fun pronunciation video) are a fun group of new varieties with really distinctive blooms. They look like sea stars or sparklers, but these charmers don’t need a special aquarium or come with a warning label.

They are spring blooming vines that will flower on old wood April through June, and occasionally produce some flowers on the summer growth, too.

They come in three colors: Sparky™ Blue (left),  Sparky™ Pink (lower right) and Sparky™ Purple. Sometimes I look at series of plants and think I just want to stick to one color, but I kind of like all three of these planted together.

All three varieties will be available at better garden centers in spring 2021, so you have time to decide where you’d like to plant them in your garden. Spring bloom time provides weeks, even months, of color and they are easy to grow – no pruning needed!

All are hardy to USDA Zone 5 and will grow about 6-8′ tall and 2′ wide.  They will grow in full sun or part shade, but we do recommend planting them on a sheltered north and east exposure.

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