Plant of the Week: ARCTIC FIRE® Red twig dogwood

Arctic Fire® Cornus is a pretty awesome shrub. Sure, it brings a splash of holiday red to winter gardens, but that isn’t the only time it shines. This native species supports local wildlife in the spring and summer, too.

When this ruby-red beauty wakes in the spring, green leaves unfurl, and tiny white flowers emerge, providing food for pollinators. But that’s not all! The flowers give way to little berries that the birds love to feast upon. Thankfully it doesn’t support deer, however, as it rarely suffers from browsing damage.

At only 3-5′, Arctic Fire® Cornus is much smaller than conventional red twig dogwood, growing to just half the size of the gigantic species you see out in nature. It’s perfect for building up borders, cut flower gardens, or using in drifts to create an impressive display for fall and winter.

Once established, Arctic Fire® Cornus sericea is quite drought tolerant, and it’s super hardy, too, down to USDA zone 2!

If you’d like more information about this fantastic, native shrub, check out the ultimate guide to growing red twig dogwood on the Proven Winners® website.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday,
full of wonder and joy.

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.”

Marjorie Holmes


    • Hi there!

      Arctic Fire Red Twig Dogwood does exhibit low flammability characteristics, and while no plant is truly fire-proof, it is less likely to ignite from a wildfire and will burn less intensely if it were to ignite.

      Happy Gardening!

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