Plant of the week: AT LAST® Rose

Last week I talked about the 2019 Rose of the Year, Oso Easy Double Red®. We had some in our MANTS booth in Baltimore, and they were looking good. We also had some of the 2019 Rose of the Year, At Last®. They not only looked good, they smelled good, too!

Yes, fragrance is back, and that’s welcome news for anyone who wants an old-fashioned rose garden without the old-fashioned disease issues.

At Last® rose has the disease resistance that modern rose breeders demand and the fragrance that traditional roses provide. What’s not to love?

At Last® rose grows 3-4′ tall and wide and is hardy to USDA Zone 5. Like all roses, it will do best in full sun, and while it is disease resistant in landscapes. You will want to practice good rose-growing protocols in production.

The three phases of water

Do you remember that from chemistry class? Liquid, solid, and gas – we saw them all last week, sometimes at the same time!

The week ended with some intense weather across much of the country. I hope that any of you traveling home from MANTS had a safe trip home with minimal delays.

Water can be tricky to manage even when we’re not concerned with ground stops at O’Hare. We find that irrigation, either too much or too little, is a really common factor in growing challenges. Hint: over-irrigation seems to be a problem more often than overly dry production.

Researchers at Michigan State University recently released a study about the water needs of various genera. It’s got a lot of good information and hopefully not more than you really want!

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