Plant of the Week: BABY KIM™ Lilac

Miss Kim’ lilac is a real workhorse in gardens and landscapes. After all, people love lilacs, and they’re a solid choice for much of North America. Cold-hardy, deer-resistant, and adaptable – it’s no wonder they’re used so frequently.

But ‘Miss Kim’ can get rather large – up to 9′ tall in some places. Sure, that’s smaller than the giant old-fashioned lilac I have at my farmhouse, but still a bit much for a subdivision lot.

It’s with great pleasure we introduce Baby KimSyringa, a dwarf version of ‘Miss Kim’ that grows 2-3′ tall.

Baby Kim™ lilac is about half the size of ‘Miss Kim,’ so you can fit it into almost any yard. You can even use it in a patio container. Since it’s hardy down to USDA Zone 3, it will overwinter above ground in most of North America.

In late spring, the dark purple buds mature to a light lavender; these flowers do not get washed out like ‘Miss Kim’ blooms can. They have a lovely fragrance.

This disease-resistant plant has nice, clean foliage. Like most lilacs, it will do best in full sun.

Lilacs are a great choice for cold climates.

To be sure, last week, much of North America felt like it was a cold climate. While the Hydrangea macrophylla and the Weigela florida may have taken some hits with the sudden drop in temperatures, hardier plants likely came through it okay. Here’s a nice review of cold-hardy flowering shrubs. Keep it handy: many of us are predicted to have a colder-than-average winter this season.

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