Plant of the Week: BLACK CAT® Pussywillow

You can feel it. A crisp chill snaps the back of your neck as you traverse through the garden. A spindly arm reaches out and snags your pant leg with a pointy prickle. Something dark seems to be looming in the corner as a cloud rolls over the sun, and dried leaves swirl around your feet. It’s fall, and with it comes the fun and frightening favorite holiday of many, Halloween.

While many deciduous plants are starting to transition into a long winter’s nap, creating a skeletal framework in the landscape, some have unique spooky characteristics that they just can’t shake.

Let’s take a look at one…if you dare!  

No Halloween would be complete without a black cat! And this Black Cat® is especially fetching with extra-large charcoal-black catkins that appear in late winter.

Black Cat® pussywillow (Salix) is a perfect choice for cut flower arrangements and makes a striking backdrop to any landscape.

Tolerant of wet soil and deer resistant, Black Cat Salix will grow to 10-12’ tall and wide and is hardy down to zone 4.

Want to see Black Cat® in action? Check out this time-lapse video as the catkins emerge – it’s frighteningly fascinating.

More seasonal fun!

 Well, my clever coworkers in our marketing department have delivered again. Check out their fun Halloween video!

Whether your plans include Halloween, All Saints Day, or Dia de los Muertos, we hope you have a wonderful weekend with plenty of fall colors and sweet treats. 

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