Plant of the Week: BLOOMERANG® Dark Purple Lilac

Hi everyone, my name is Samantha Huisman, but most people call me Sam. Everyone who read last week’s blog will know that Natalie is passing the metaphorical pen to me to continue the Plant of the Week blog. I’m the SEO & Content Specialist for Spring Meadow Nursery and Proven Winners® ColorChoice®, and I’m excited to start sharing my thoughts on a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrub each week. 

With so many amazing shrubs to talk about, I am eager to get started! What better plant to start on than Bloomerang® Dark Purple Lilac? Lilacs are a favorite of my mom’s, which makes this an even better plant to start my Plant of the Week journey with, considering that I owe my love of plants to my mother.

What’s better than a lilac that blooms once? A lilac that reblooms!

Bloomerang® Dark Purple lilac blooms in spring like regular Syringa and then goes through a rest period before blooming again in late summer. It will flower through fall, often flowering right up until frost, giving you the chance to enjoy its stunning deep purple blooms for months rather than weeks.

It is cold hardy in USDA Zones 3-7 and does best in full sun. If you want a neater look, trim it immediately after the spring bloom so the plant has time to produce new growth with new flowers on it.

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and even though Bloomerang® Dark Purple lilac isn’t the typical red or pink color you’ve been seeing in stores since January 1st, lilacs are often associated with love, happiness, and what we are all longing for springtime!

And who could forget that the Super Bowl is this weekend? Whether you are going to that Super Bowl party for the game or for the food, stay safe and enjoy the time with friends!

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