Plant of the Week: BLOOMERANG® PURPINK™ Lilac

When you think of lilac, summer probably isn’t the season that comes to mind; after all, most lilacs bloom in spring. If you’re familiar with the Bloomerang® series from Proven Winners® ColorChoice®, you may know that a reblooming lilac can give you those same fragrant blooms in summer too. I’ve told you about Bloomerang® Dark Purple lilac before, but today I want to introduce you to our latest addition to the series: Bloomerang® Purpink™ lilac

It’s Purple. No, it’s Pink. It’s Purpink™! 

We’ll leave it up to you to decide what color you think this lilac is because we truly can’t decide. Sometimes the flowers look purple, and other times, they look pink. Either way, this lilac blooms like crazy! The number of blooms this shrub produces is incredible. 

A heavy blooming Bloomerang Purpink Lilac in a garden

Like the other lilacs in the Bloomerang® series, Purpink™ is an excellent rebloomer; in fact, it may be one of the most prolific rebloomers in the series. It flowers in spring, and then it reblooms later in summer. We recommend a light trim after the shrub blooms in spring. This will encourage a more abundant rebloom as well as create a tidier appearance. Keep in mind if you choose to trim your Bloomerang® lilac, it will delay the rebloom a bit. 

Why keep the lovely purple/pink blooms and the nostalgic fragrance outside? Bloomerang® lilacs make great cut flowers! You can stick these flowers in your spring and summer arrangements

Bloomerang® Purpink™ has a nice midsize habit that is perfect for gardens at 3-5′ tall and 2-3′ wide  It is hardy in USDA 3-7.

Need more reasons to love Bloomerang® Purpink™? Not only do pollinators love this plant, but it is also deer and disease resistant. 

Pruning a Bloomerang­® Lilac

If you’re feeling unsure about pruning your Bloomerang® lilac, check out the video below, where Stacey walks you through a couple of ways you can trim your lilac to encourage new growth. 

Have a fun and safe weekend! If you’re celebrating Canada Day tomorrow or U.S. Independence Day on Tuesday, have a fabulous time with friends and family.

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