Plant of the Week: BOBO® Panicle hydrangea

It’s Bobo® panicle hydrangea! It’s also one of our best-selling plants, one that growers, retailers, and landscapers all love. Homeowners, too. After all, what’s not to love?

Bobo® is a Hydrangea paniculata, so it’s quite cold hardy (USDA 3-8) and blooms on new wood. Even after a harsh winter, H. paniculata will bloom.

That hardiness is useful for container plantings. We plan on being able to overwinter something above ground if it’s one zone hardier than the growing location. So a plant that is hardy to USDA 3 can stay in a year-round patio planter as far north as USDA 4.

It’s not only cold hardiness that makes Bobo® a good choice for containers. It’s the right size, too. Just 2-3′ tall and wide, Bobo® fits perfectly into a deco pot or in ground in just about any landscape.

So those are some reasons that we love the plant. It’s nice to know that other people love it, too. So seeing it on the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal list for 2021 is really special.

Bobo® will grow in full sun or part shade, and the white flowers will mature into pink later in the summer. As H. paniculata go, it’s relatively early flowering but not quite as early as Quick Fire® or Quick Fire Fab®.

Hydrangeas…so many questions

Hydrangea is one of our most popular genera and generates more questions than any other. We get it. Hydrangeas can be complicated. We try to make it easier by offering reblooming hydrangeas, etc., but people still have questions. Luckily, we have answers.

Hydrangeas Demystified is a really useful pdf that you are welcome to download and share. We’ve recently added a video version that’s perfect for sharing online.

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