Plant of the Week: BOBO® Panicle hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata is kind of a thing at Proven Winners ColorChoice. There’s a lot to like about this species, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Even though we’ve had a relatively mild winter, we know that H. macrophylla are vulnerable well into spring. It’s not just cold winters that can damage their flower buds; fluctuations in spring temps can wreak havoc on blooms, too.

But with H. paniculata, we don’t have to worry because they bloom on new wood. If you have questions about this spectacular, easy-to-grow variety…and why wouldn’t you, here’s a new guide to growing this species that you need to check out.

Bobo® hydrangea is a real cutie; it’s the smallest H. paniculata on the market, growing just 3′ x 3′. That makes it perfect for foundation plantings and patio containers. Since it’s hardy in USDA 3-8, you can overwinter it above ground in most of North America.

Compact, cold-hardy, and covered in flowers? No wonder this little plant has quickly become a gardening favorite.

The white flowers will develop a very nice pink color later in summer, making it a good choice for months of color.

If you’re wondering about the name, this plant was developed by the same breeder as Pinky Winky®!

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