Plant of the Week: BRANDYWINE™ Witherod viburnum

Here in the Michigan area, we’ve been thrust into winter, and I haven’t even gotten all the leaves off my lawn!

I was getting used to the unseasonably warm fall weather when winter swooped in and took a literal dump all over it. I hear Buffalo is getting it even worse…they usually do. I wish everyone who is experiencing this latest winter blast safe travels.

Despite some unwelcome snow and ice, there is still seasonal beauty and bounty to be had.

More viburnums, please!

Last week, I got several nice notes about my post featuring Glitters and Glows®arrowwood viburnum, so I figured, why not post about another fantastic cultivar, Brandywine™ Viburnum nudum. It’s a native viburnum that has a lot to offer local wildlife, along with its elegant good looks.

Autumn is the perfect time for Brandywine™ witherod viburnum. Its glossy foliage turns burgundy, and the abundant berries transform to pink, blue, and purple. It’s hardy to USDA zone 5 and grows 5-6′ tall and wide. Site it in full sun or partial shade.

We initially selected Brandywine™ as a pollinator for ‘Winterthur.’ Like many plants, viburnum typically needs another selection of viburnum nearby in order to fruit. Some require a plant of the same species; others are more open-minded.

But Brandywine™ is unusual in that it fruits well without a pollinator, making it a good choice for places where there isn’t room for several plants.

This is a good plant for moist to even boggy sites. Wildlife enjoys its fruit, and the Spring Azure butterfly may choose it as a host plant.

Like other viburnums, it isn’t especially tasty to deer, although maybe not quite as deer-resistant as V. dentatum or V. carlesii.

Warm Thanksgiving Wishes

While we’re on the subject of tasty things, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday! I hope you enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling time with friends and family.

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