Plant of the Week: FIZZY MIZZY® Sweetshrub

Ready for some shade?

Shade. Some throw it, and others receive it. Fizzy Mizzy® Itea doesn’t just catch shade; it looks good doing it. That’s a pretty great quality for a plant (and enviable in a person.)

Fizzy Mizzy's green leaves in contrast to its white flower spikes
Close up of Fizzy Mizzy's white flower spikes

New to garden centers this year, Fizzy Mizzy® sweetspire literally stands out in the landscape with abundant, bright white, upright flower spikes that carry a light, lovely fragrance that attracts people and pollinators. It has an early summer bloom time that helps bridge the gap between the seasons, and its thick, dark green foliage is handsome enough to carry the show for the rest of the season. Plus, with a petite 3′ size, you’ll be able to use it in almost any garden or landscape.

Super versatile, native sweetspire can be planted in full sun to full shade, is amenable to most soils, plus it can withstand wet, boggy sites. Fizzy Mizzy® sweetspire has a wide growing range, cold hardy down to USDA zone 5 and heat tolerant to zone 9.


Shrub Madness is back!

Make your picks! Criticize other people’s choices…and own it when you dominate your colleagues’ plant-picking skills because YOU ARE A PLANT BOSS!

Of course, if you just want to be kind of casual about it, that’s fine, too. But the winner of this year’s competition wins a trip to Spring Meadow Nursery and a private tour of our Trial Gardens. No pressure.

Voting opens March 1 on the Shrub Madness site:

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