Plant of the Week: Bubbly Wine™ Weigela

Bubbling with Beauty!

You may be familiar with Fine Wine® Weigela or maybe the upgraded version, Very Fine Wine® Weigela. Both sport charming pink flowers and dark burgundy/purple foliage (Very Fine Wine® has darker foliage and better flowering than the former). Today’s plant is a newer, brighter selection, and it’s a variegated one: Bubbly Wine™ Weigela

Bubbly Wine™ Weigela boasts sparkling hues of yellow and green in the summer, carrying that variegation into the fall. As the seasons change, you may start to notice its dark burgundy stems. 

In late spring, Bubbly Wine™ Weigela’s vibrant, variegated foliage is dotted with light purple/pink trumpet-shaped flowers that draw in hummingbirds and other pollinators. And while this little beauty may be eye-catching to you and the pollinators, deer don’t seem interested in its flowers or its foliage. Sounds like an excuse to pop a bottle of bubbly! 

A group of Bubbly Wine Weigela in the landscape

Bubbly Wine™ Weigela is a compact shrub at 1.5-3’ tall and 2-3’ wide, making it a perfect size for just about any garden. You could even stick it in a container on your patio! For the best blooming and brightest foliage color, plant this easy-going shrub in full sun. It is hardy in USDA Zones 4-8. 

There is no need to prune Bubbly Wine™ Weigela to shape as it maintains a tidy, compact habit on its own, but it does benefit from a rejuvenation prune every 3-5 years; do this by removing ⅓ of the thickest branches to encourage new growth. 

How Do You Pronounce That? 

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce weigela? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out the short video below, where Stacey teaches you the correct pronunciation of this fabulous shrub. 

Have a great weekend!

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