Plant of the Week: Cedar Rapids™ False Cypress

Close up of the feathery foliage of Cedar Rapids False Cypress

Winter is (Almost) Here

Despite it not technically being winter until December 21, the snow and cold weather we’ve had here in West Michigan tell me that it’s close enough. While winter isn’t many gardeners’ favorite season, that doesn’t mean your winter garden has to be gloomy. There are plenty of ways you can add some color and interest to your winter space, like leaving your hydrangea blooms over winter, adding shrubs that produce fall/winter berries, and adding lush evergreens that look marvelous year-round. 

A young Cedar Rapids False Cypress in the landscape

If you have space in your garden for a lush evergreen, Cedar Rapids™ False Cypress might just be the perfect choice for you. Its fresh green feathery foliage gives the plant a unique texture in the garden all year. This plant looks great as a specimen or planted as a privacy hedge or screen. 

Cedar Rapids™ False Cypress not only looks great, but it’s also fast-growing and deer-resistant. It grows best in an area that gets a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight, up to all day light. It is hardy in USDA Zones 5-9 and grows to 30’ tall and 12-15’ wide. 

Cedar Rapids™ naturally grows as a dense pyramid, so pruning is generally not needed, but it can be shaped in springtime if desired. 

Did Your USDA Zone Change? 

You may have heard about the update to the USDA Hardiness Zone Map. The update may have even bumped you into a new zone, but what does that mean for you and your garden? Check out the video below, where Stacey breaks down five things you should know about the USDA zone map, and check out Kristina’s 3 Things to Know About the USDA Hardiness Zone Updates blog for more information on how the update may affect you. 

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