Plant of the Week: CENTER STAGE® Coral Crape Myrtle

Hot enough for you? Crape myrtle loves the heat. If you’re in its range (USDA 7-10), you know something about hot weather. This is Center Stage® Coral, which those of us a little further north (6b) can also enjoy. It may be more of a dieback shrub than a true woody ornamental in colder climates, but since it blooms on new wood, we will see those brightly colored flowers each summer. In warm climates, you can expect it to grow 6-12′ tall and about 8′ wide – the perfect size for screening a pool or patio.

Bring on the heat! It’s no problem for this plant. Here’s a picture of it in trial beds at the University of Florida. That foliage has stayed nice and clean. 

Lagerstroemia Center Stage Coral's small and tidy habit in fields.

Where did this cool plant come from, anyway?

Center Stage® Coral is just one of the beautiful plants developed by Spring Meadow Nursery’s own Megan Mathey. Check out this video to learn more about her Lagerstroemia breeding.

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