Plant of the Week: CHARDONNAY PEARLS® Deutzia

April showers are better than April snow. Yes, we’ve had snow this month. Not enough to plow or even shovel, but enough to make you sigh and drink another cup of coffee.

So things are definitely running a little late here in West Michigan gardens. Or at least in a holding pattern: the Magnolia stellata I see from my home office/dining room has been trying to bloom for a couple of weeks.

One plant that I’m always happy to see in spring is trying hard to leaf out: Chardonnay Pearls® Deutzia. I’d be happy if cool weather came back after it’s a little further along because I just love the pearl-like flower buds. Cool weather would keep them holding on for me to enjoy.

OK, not really, I’m ready for some warm weather. But I do love this plant for its ability to contribute to a garden no matter what kind of spring (or summer) we have.

The flowers and flower buds are delightful in spring, and the chartreuse foliage is lovely all through the summer. This plant delivers it all: close-up appeal and bold mass-planting impact.

And it’s got great deer resistance. Really, what more could you ask for?

Chardonnay Pearls® deutzia grows 1.5-3′ tall and wide and will grow in full sun or partial shade (if you’re in a warm climate, that partial shade is a good idea). It’s hardy in USDA 5-8.

Curb appeal is more important than ever.

A nice-looking yard will help to sell a house at any time. The house will sell faster and often at a premium.

Right now, curb appeal is vital since potential buyers are doing as much recon as possible without going into a house. Open houses are tricky in many places, so the house had better look enticing enough for potential buyers to commit to an actual tour.

There are plenty of predictions about where the real estate market will go in the coming months, but no one really knows what will happen. Supply? Demand? Interest rates? There are plenty of forces pulling it one way or the other. But for anyone planning to sell their home in the next year or so, home improvements will be on the to-do list. For anyone who’s been working from home for a few weeks, home improvements are also on the brain. Trust me. I know.

A landscape refresh is a lot easier lift than a kitchen remodel, both financially and in terms of household disruption. Ask me about this in a few months, when I hope to be on the other side of a kitchen renovation.

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