Plant of the Week: CHICKLET™ Orange Trumpet bush

This weekend may have been a sugary one for many of us. With Easter baskets and baked treats all around, there were lots of opportunities for cavity cultivation. Even if you kept it out of the house, odds are someone brought some Peeps into the office Monday morning.

So here’s a candy treat that won’t give you a toothache or add to your waistline: Chicklet™ Orange trumpet bush or Tecoma.

Those of you in milder climates (USDA 8-11) are probably familiar with Tecoma, but growers in colder areas may need to stretch their horticultural range a bit.

This is a compact selection with exceptional flower power, so it will add a lot to landscapes either as a landscape shrub or as a patio plant.

It has the same fun flowers as a trumpet vine but isn’t invasive and will grow 3-6′ tall and 2-4′ wide. It will do best in full sun.

That makes it perfect for a sunny patio. All of those new homeowners and existing homeowners with new patios and decks will want something to enjoy in their new spaces. A plant soaks up summer sun, and heat should be just perfect. After all, 14% of homeowners added a porch or deck last year, making it the #10 home improvement of 2020.

Something else to trumpet about

Check out our new commercial that will be running on Hulu this spring! It’s a combination of script written by yours truly, voiceover by one of our sales reps David Arsenault, and beautiful time-lapse animation and video edit by Adriana Robinson. I think we make a pretty great team. Let me know if you happen to see it next time you’re streaming your favorite Hulu show! Enjoy the spring! – Natalie

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