Plant of the Week: ESTRALLITA LITTLE STAR™ Firecracker bush

How about a little star? Estrellita Little Star™ is a new firecracker bush that’s much more compact than other varieties on the market.

If you’re in the Southwest, you’re probably already familiar with Bouvardia. It may be new to those of you in colder climates. It’s hardy to USDA 8-10b, and while it’s a good landscape plant in its native Southwest, for the rest of us, it’s a fun floral crop or patio plant.

Not only is it more compact (1.5-2′ tall and wide) than other varieties – it’s heavier blooming, too. Look for the vibrant orange flowers to bloom from April through October.

You’ll want to plant it in full sun or maybe part shade.

Hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators will thank you for planting it, and so will people, even if they can only enjoy it for a season!

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