Plant of the Week: FAIRYTRAIL BRIDE™ Cascade hydrangea®

We made it to March!

It’s a good time to plan your spring garden projects. In a few weeks, you’ll be way too busy to think about it. This year looks to be another really active one for the green industry – if you wait until April to request samples, it may be too late.

If you’ve already done your planning for your 2021 projects, how about 2022? I have a suggestion that will make you happy to plan ahead, Fairytrail Bride™ Cascade hydrangea®.

While Fairytrail Bride™ isn’t hardy for many of us (USDA 7-9), it’s so lovely that many people will be happy to enjoy it as a seasonal patio plant.

Cascades of pure white florets tumble down the branches of this unique variety. It’s a very long-blooming plant, flowering on both old and new wood. Whether it’s a patio pot or the edge of a raised planter, give it the vertical space to do what it does best, create drama. Better your plants than your kids, right?

Plan ahead to include this very cool new variety in your 2022 garden projects and new variety pieces. And who knows? If you live in the appropriate growing zone, you might see Fairytrail Bride™ in a garden communicator sample box later this summer. (Garden communicator sample boxes ship Sept 8 and Oct 5, contact Natalie to get a reminder.)

It’s not too soon to plan for Mother’s Day

You know Mom wants plants, not perfume. And you likely hook her up with the best ones around. But what if mom also works in this crazy industry? Maybe she’s got her own line on the perfect hydrangea. Chocolate is the answer.

I’ve never bought anything from this company, but their collaboration with the New York Botanical Garden has yielded some interesting candy. There’s a newfound appreciation for what plants do for our well-being, and it’s nice to see a botanical garden get some attention. The people visiting it will be inspired to create their own oasis at home.

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