Plant of the Week: Fluffy® Arborvitae

Fluffy arborvitae in the landscape with hydrangeas and other shrubs

Weather-Watching Woodchucks and Western Arborvitae Wonders

It’s Groundhog Day, a day when people gather to witness the weather predictions of a beloved rodent, Phil. Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t have the best track record for correctly predicting spring, though; in fact, Phil’s accuracy rate is about 39%. Did you know Michigan has its own clairvoyant groundhog, Woody the Woodchuck? Her predictions tend to be a bit better than Phil’s, with an accuracy rate of 67%. 

Phil predicted an early spring this year, while Woody predicted the opposite, but no matter the weather forecasts of these two little woodchucks, Fluffy® Arborvitae will continue to look as beautiful as ever in the garden!

Close up of the fine textured golden foliage of Fluffy arborvitae

Fluffy® is a Western arborvitae (Thuja plicata) with glossy golden foliage that has a distinct braided look. Its vivid yellow foliage adds a pop of color, and its fluffy appearance adds texture to the garden year-round. Those bright golden yellow “fans” look great in winter/holiday arrangements as well! 

Fluffy® arborvitae is suited for USDA zones 5-8 (if you’re looking for something more cold-hardy, try Eastern arborvitae). It thrives in areas with full-to-part sun and moist yet well-drained soil (adding a layer of mulch will help retain moisture). 

Fluffy® naturally grows in a fluffy pyramidal habit, so there is really no need to prune it, but it can be pruned in late spring. It grows to 5-10’ tall and 3-6’ wide, a great size for a showstopping specimen or a fun hedge or screen. If you need another reason to love it, Western arborvitae, like Fluffy®, are more resistant to damage from deer than Eastern arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis).

Which Arborvitae is Right For You?

Choosing the correct arborvitae for your garden can feel a bit overwhelming. Check out the video below, where Stacey shows you each of the Proven Winners ColorChoice arborvitae in the garden to help you find the one that best fits your space. 

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