Plant of the Week: GOLDEN SHADOWS® Pagoda Dogwood

Battling Allergies and Blooming Beauty

There are many signs that spring is in full swing; one of the most aggressive signs is allergies (especially this year). Spring-blooming plants are a little bit nicer at announcing that spring is here. Flowering trees are another beautiful way to come into spring, but really, the only thought people are giving to trees right now is to complain about their allergies. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do my fair share of complaining about allergies, but it’s time to take some allergy medicine and carry on because trees are great. 

Golden Shadows® Cornus alternifolia, in particular, is a plant that brings me a great deal of joy, despite admiring it through itchy eyes!

It has a lovely horizontal branching structure that adds an elegant touch to any garden. The bright color of the variegated foliage is appealing, too, brightening up even the murkiest corners of a property.

Close up of the white flowers on Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood

Golden Shadows® will be happiest in filtered shade – just where you need that cheery green and gold foliage. In spring, charming clusters of white flowers sit atop the branches, creating a gorgeous display that you and pollinators can eagerly await each year. 

Golden Shadows® is native to North America and has excellent durability and hardiness. It’s hardy to USDA Zone 3 and will grow 10-12′ tall and wide. It also has good heat tolerance (through USDA zone 8) and deer resistance. 

Because it has a naturally strong horizontal habit, it requires very little, if any, pruning to keep a pleasing shape. If desired, it can be pruned in early spring. 

Golden Shadows® pagoda dogwood is part of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Trees program.

Have a fabulous weekend, and if you’re going to be spending it outside, remember that allergy medicine!


  1. Why would you make the Plant of the Week a tree that is not sold anywhere?
    I have been trying to find one for sale for two years. Last summer I was willing to drive 2.5 hours to the nearest nursery that advertised it. Presently, no brick and mortar or online nurseries have it.
    Do you even grow it anymore?
    Can you share with me who sells it online or in person?
    Thank you

    • Hi There!

      It appears that carries Golden Shadows® Pagoda Dogwood, and although they are currently out of stock, the estimated ready date on their websites indicates that they will have more available on 6/14/2023. They also have the option to get notified when they are available, so you can snag one before they sell out.

      Due to the way our plants are distributed, we, unfortunately, have no way of knowing which in-person garden centers sell which of our plants nor which wholesale grower(s) supply them with our plants. But you can use our locate a retailer feature here to find garden centers near you that supply Proven Winners® ColorChoice® plants and contact them to ask if they carry Golden Shadows®.

      Hope this helps!

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