Plant of the Week: HAPPY FACE HEARTS® Bush cinquefoil

What do mothers want for Mother’s Day? It depends on the mom, of course. Some want new running shoes; others want a book, and more than one would like a bottle of wine. 

Most every mom, though, will want to see happy faces around her. After all, you carry around a little piece of her heart with you wherever you go, and she’d like you to be happy.

Which brings us to this week’s plant, Happy Face Hearts® bush cinquefoil, or Potentilla.

Happy Face Hearts® is perfect for moms, and not just because of the name. It’s tough, adaptable, and reliable – just like she is. It’s deer-resistant, too. Maybe deer aren’t a problem for moms, but they do tend to be pretty resistant to annoying critters.

We’re expected to have a freeze this weekend here in West Michigan. That’s bad news for tender annuals, but Potentilla isn’t bothered at all. It’s hardy to USDA 2! This 1-2′ tall plant is happiest in colder climates and grows in full sun or part shade.

Sorry moms in warm climates: this isn’t the plant for you. But you probably aren’t worried about frost right now, so enjoy those hydrangeas!

The important thing is that mom has a nice day filled with love. Whether it’s in-person or long distance, she wants to hear from you.

And no matter what kind of mom she is, running shoes, books, or Chardonnay, you won’t go wrong with some flowers, too.

Happy Mother’s Day!

What did mom tell you? Wash your hands!

If mom’s constant reminders weren’t enough, now the entire world is on hand-wash alert. Really, it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to get people to use soap and water.

But what about plants? They get diseases, too, and hand-washing isn’t the key to preventing them (but you should do it anyway – and wash your pruners as well).

There are some good resources out there for preventing plant diseases. One is the Pest Talks newsletter. In it, you’ll find valuable resources on threats with the potential to do a lot of damage: like the boxwood moth and the spotted lantern fly.

When you’re done with Mother’s Day madness, it might be time to prepare to put your garden pests to rest!

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