Plant of the Week: HAPPY FACE® Orange Potentilla

Close up of the orange flowers on Happy Face Orange potentilla

A shrub that’ll keep you smiling all summer!

Low maintenance, reliable, and bright is what the Happy Face® series of potentilla is all about. Potentilla, also known as bush cinquefoil, is an extremely tough landscape plant, but it’s widely considered to be a bit dull. The Happy Face® series changes that with bigger, bolder, and brighter flowers, lasting from spring into fall. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the series, Happy Face® Orange potentilla (Dasiphora fruticosa).

Close up of bright orange Happy Face Orange potentilla flowers

Happy Face® Orange is dotted with bright orange flowers from spring to frost, and the flowers hold their color well even in the heat of summer. Its low, dense habit makes it a good border plant, low hedge, mass planting, or foundation plant in most gardens and landscapes.

This native shrub is incredibly deer-resistant, so much so that it’s included in the Proven Winners ColorChoice Deer Proof™ program. This is a cool-climate shrub suited for USDA zones 2-7. It grows to 1.5-2.5’ tall and 2-3’ wide. Happy Face® Orange will grow in full to part sun, but it is a sun lover, so it won’t flower as prolifically in part sun. Once established, this shrub is very drought tolerant.

Regular pruning isn’t required, but you can give it a trim in late winter/early spring if you’d like. Potentilla does benefit from a rejuvenation prune every 3-5 years.

Father’s Day

It’s almost Father’s Day, and if you’re still searching for the perfect gift to get the father figure or role model in your life, consider getting him a gift that he can enjoy year after year. A Happy Face® potentilla is a reliable and vibrant choice afterall if he manages to always put a smile on your face, why not get him a shrub that says so? 

Potentilla not right for your father figure? Check out Kristina’s “Best Shrubs for Dad” blog for more shrub ideas that match your dad’s personality. 

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