Plant of the Week: Happy Face® Yellow Potentilla

Durable, Cold-Hardy, and Beautiful

It’s getting chilly here in West Michigan, and while wearing sweaters has been sufficient so far, I have a feeling my fall jackets may make an appearance soon. It only seems fitting to talk about a shrub that is very cold-hardy. Happy Face® Yellow Potentilla definitely fits the bill. 

Many think of potentilla as a kind of lackluster landscape plant, but that’s not quite true, especially with the Happy Face® series of potentilla. The Happy Face® series has bigger, brighter flowers and longer-lasting blooms than other potentilla. Happy Face® Yellow Potentilla is dotted with large, vibrant yellow flowers from spring well into fall. Its dark green foliage and dense habit add to the appeal. 

Happy Face® Yellow Potentilla is a durable, low-maintenance shrub that tolerates poor and clay soils and is very deer resistant. Pollinators also love this native shrub! As I mentioned before, this plant is great for cool-climate gardens. It’s hardy down to USDA zone 2! 

This beauty does best in full sun, but it can be planted in part sun (it may not flower as prolifically in part sun). It will grow to 2-3’ tall and wide. 

Happy Face® Yellow Potentilla doesn’t require regular pruning, but if you’d like to shape it, do so in early spring. It also benefits from a rejuvenation prune every 3-5 years. Check out the video below, where Kristina shows you how to give your potentilla a rejuvenation prune.

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Have a fabulous weekend! 

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