Plant of the Week: Happy Jack® Purple Clematis

Have you started your spring garden to-do list yet? Depending on your weather, it may or may not feel like spring at the moment, but it’s about time you grab those gardening gloves and get to it! If you don’t know where to start, check out this blog Kristina wrote with a 10-step spring to-do list for a garden with shrubs. A beautiful spring garden comes after a good spring clean-up! You’ll be happy you did the work now! 

Happy Happy Happy!

Clematis care instructions have long been complicated and confusing, making it intimidating for many gardeners, but new breeding has really focused on simplicity as much as vigor and beauty. An example of an easy-to-grow clematis is Happy Jack® Purple. It has large intense purple flowers (3-5”) and blooms from mid-summer to fall. This plant will look stunning climbing your mailbox or arching over a pergola!

Happy Jack® Purple Clematis blooms on both old and new wood, so it’s one of those shrubs that should be pruned in spring as you’re working on that to-do list (prune back to 2′ for beautiful flowers). 

Happy Jack® Purple Clematis is hardy in USDA Zones 5-9 and grows 6-8′ tall. It will grow in full sun or partial shade. Want to know more? Here is a quick video about the plant! 

Check out our other Proven Winners® ColorChoice® clematis! Natalie has written blogs about ‘Viva Polonia,’ Still Waters™, and ‘Sweet Summer Love.’ They are all beautiful and far easier to grow than older varieties. 

Radio Show

Have you listened to our podcast and radio show Gardening Simplified? Hosts Rick Vuyst and Stacey Hirvela offer interesting tidbits and give advice on all things gardening. Check out this episode they did about clematis a few weeks ago! 

You can watch the radio show on our YouTube channel or listen to it on your favorite podcast platform. 

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