Plant of the Week: HAYWIRE™ False cypress

Sometimes, things go Haywire

We’ve all been there. Sometimes that’s good, like when that detour takes you by a beautiful waterfall. Sometimes it’s not so good. Either way, it happens.

This plant is the good kind of haywire. Haywire Chamaecyparis lawsoniana has a beautiful habit, as seen here. It also has distinctive wiry foliage that is a fun bit of texture for the landscape.


Like all evergreens, Haywire™ is attractive all year long. However, this is not a plant for frigid winters. Or dry winters. Or hot summers. Think Pacific Northwest: that’s what it likes. To be technical, USDA 5B-7, full sun to part shade. You can expect it to grow to about 12-18′ tall and wide.

The Grand Garden Show 

Last week I was at the always spectacular Proven Winners® Grand Garden Show at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI

I traveled with my new co-coworker McKenna Perrier, who is a jolly companion, and we met hundreds of incredible people who, like me, are crazy about gardening. We also met celebrity chef Nathan Lyon, (bottom left), who is a bundle of energy and an inexhaustible supply of cooking knowledge. McKenna was especially excited since she’s quite the home chef herself. Single takeaway? When you’re at a restaurant, ask the waiter what their least favorite items are on the menu. Favorites for the waitstaff can be all over the map, but the least favorite is usually pretty consistent. Then you at least know what to stay away from when you’re placing an order.

And I was able once again to spend time with the incomparably talented Paul Zammit (pic, bottom right with McKenna and me) from the Toronto Botanical Garden. He gives a presentation on container gardening that will knock your socks off. Single takeaway? Invest in beautiful, permanent containers. Do yourself and the planet a favor, and don’t be tempted to buy that plastic “deco” container that will just hit the trash heap in a year or two.

If you haven’t been, you should treat yourself and try to make it out one year. The atmosphere is pretty electric, and the plants are AMAZING! Even with 750 registrations, it sold out in February, so you really need to make your mind up now; there isn’t time to hem and haw once the tickets go on sale.

I gave a program on hydrangeas and roses – if you couldn’t make it (or even if you did), here is a resource page I made with the PowerPoint file and more resources about hydrangeas and roses. 

Oh, and I saw a person with a parrot backpack. So, there’s that.

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