Plant of the Week: ILLUMINATI SPICE™ Mock Orange

Illuminati Spice mock orange blooming in a landscape.

Fragrance and Flair

Are you looking to create a low-water landscape, or maybe just want plants that require little maintenance? A tidy, drought-tolerant shrub is a great choice for a low-maintenance and low-water garden. Illuminati Spice™ mock orange (Philadelphus coronarius) is the newest member of the Illuminati® series of mock oranges, and once established, this compact native shrub is drought-tolerant.

Close up of the double white blooms of Illuminati Spice mock orange.

In early summer, large doubled white blooms dot the elegant branches of Illuminati Spice™. Not only are these flowers abundant and gorgeous, but they are incredibly fragrant! The handsome green foliage gives this native plant interest all season long.

At 3-4’ tall and wide, it’s just half the size of a conventional mock orange (and much less unruly), so it tucks nicely into really any landscape without the fear of it getting too big or out of control. It’s hardy all the way down to USDA zone 4 and heat tolerant through USDA zone 7. Grow Illuminati Spice™ in full to part sun. If you need any more reason to love this beauty, it’s deer-resistant and adapts well to most soils.

The Illuminati® series of mock oranges are selected for their tidy habits, so little to no pruning is required to keep this beauty in check. If you wish to prune it at all, do so after it flowers as it blooms on old wood.

Deer or Rabbit?

While Illuminati Spice™ is deer-resistant, not every plant is, and it can be disheartening to go out to check your plants only to find the foliage or flowers have been eaten. Both deer and rabbits can be nuisances in the garden, but it can sometimes be hard to tell which you’re dealing with so you can take the correct course of action to protect your plants. Check out the video below, where Stacey walks you through how to tell the difference between deer damage and rabbit damage on plants. 

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