Plant of the Week: INVINCIBELLE GARNETTA® Smooth hydrangea

Invincibelle Garnetta® is a great addition to the Invincibelle series of native smooth hydrangeas. It delivers the rich color, strong stems, and robust reblooming that are the hallmarks of Dr. Tom Ranney‘s breeding at NCSU.

This variety has flowers similar in coloration to Invincibelle® Ruby, but the plant itself is a little smaller (2.5′ vs 3-4′), and it blooms later. That later season bloom is great for extending hydrangea season in gardens and landscapes.

The blooms of Invincibelle Garnetta® start out as deep burgundy buds. The flowers are quite dark when they emerge and then turn deep garnet-pink as they mature. The florets have an appealing two-toned color that adds depth to the overall bloom.

It’s not all flowers, of course. The foliage is dark green and glossy, and the habit is outstanding. This is a really nice addition to any garden. Since it grows in USDA 3-8, it can be enjoyed by much of North America!

It will grow in full sun or part shade, although we recommend full sun in the northern part of its range.

Make summer last!

If the local kids aren’t already back in school, they’re probably headed back next week. Students tend to be like gardeners; sad that summer is coming to an end but also happy to see their friends and enjoy fall activities.

In the best years, summer weather lingers, so we can enjoy those fall bonfires and tailgate parties without wearing parkas. For gardeners, we can prolong summer into fall foliage season with later blooming varieties like Invincibelle Garnetta®. Later blooming plants are valuable to pollinators, too, as they’re an important food source as they prepare to migrate for the winter.

Right now is a great time to remind your readers and social followers to check their landscapes – do they need more late summer color?

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