Plant of the Week: Jazz Hands Bold® Chinese Fringe-Flower

Close up of the vibrant pink flowers and the dark purple foliage of Jazz Hands Bold Chinese Fringe Flower

Big Bold Blooms

Next Tuesday is officially the first day of spring! Depending on where you’re located and what weather you’ve been experiencing, you may have already started your spring to-do list. If you’re in the south, I have an amazing warm climate shrub to tell you about today that you may just want to add to your garden this spring.

Jazz Hands Bold Chinese Fringe-Flower in a decorative container

Give your garden the ol’ razzle-dazzle with Jazz Hands Bold® Chinese fringe-flower (Loropetalum chinense)! In spring, large pink streamer-like flowers emerge against the deep burgundy/purple foliage, putting on a show that won’t go unnoticed in the garden—except maybe by deer because this beauty is deer-resistant.

This stunning shrub is a warm-climate shrub suited for USDA zones 7b-9. Jazz Hands Bold® has a useful midsize habit, growing to 5-6’ tall and wide, so it’s perfect for the middle of the border or even as a fun hedge. If you’re looking for something smaller, check out Jazz Hands Mini®. For the best show, plant it in full to part sun and moist acidic soil.

Jazz Hands Bold® doesn’t require pruning. It blooms on old wood, so if desired, prune after flowering in the spring. The flower display will be less abundant if it is pruned at any other time.

You can also check out the other loropetalum in the Jazz Hands® series! Each shrub in the series provides vibrant color and year-long texture in the garden.

Is my shrub dead?

As things begin waking up in the garden, you may start to wonder if those shrubs with bare branches are dead or alive. So, how do you tell if your shrub is dead? Check out Kristina’s blog here or the video below to learn about three tests you can use to determine if your shrub is alive or dead.


  1. Hi, I have purple daydreams. I planted them in May 2023. They have barely grown. Is that OK?
    Also, how often should I be watering them now, after being a year old?

    • Hi there!
      Purple Daydream loropetalum is not a Proven Winners ColorChoice variety. However, it sounds to us like this plant simply needs more time to get established. It’s not unusual for a plant to need a full year to grow roots into its new home before it is able to put on top growth. Plus, it looks like this particular variety is dwarf, which usually indicates it is slower-growing than larger varieties, so it will require some extra patience. Keep caring for it and you should start to see some top growth this season or next season at the latest.
      Happy Gardening!

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