Plant of the Week: JAZZ HANDS MINI® Chinese fringe flower

Plants make me happy. They make a lot of other people happy, too. Witness the popularity of houseplants: the humble Ficus will add a lot of joy to an apartment dweller’s day.

I’m lucky not to be limited to an apartment. I can plant all sorts of things in my yard and watch my dog dig them up. Then I can go to work and see other plants, including those that wouldn’t survive in my Zone 5 garden, even if I didn’t have a poorly behaved canine.

Jazz Hands® Chinese fringe flower, or Loropetalum, are such plants. They are hardy to USDA 7b, so I can only enjoy them in the greenhouse. And I do!

Maybe I will be able to enjoy Jazz Hands® Mini as an annual plant. We’re always looking for new ways to grow our plants, we have even trialed this variety in a hanging basket, and it did quite well!

This variety matures at 12″ tall and 36″ wide, but a small quart-sized plant would add lots of “spiller” interest to a mixed pot.

Some of these on my deck would definitely make me happy. And if you can’t say Jazz Hands without smiling and maybe doing a little shimmy, you’re overdue for a day off.


We’re halfway through 2020, and what a strange year it’s been already. If it were a Broadway show, we’d totally be ready for intermission.

So take a minute right now to use the facilities, grab a snack, and look at the program. Read the bios of the actors, talk with your friends about who was good, who maybe wasn’t, and what you’re excited about seeing when you take your seats for the second half of the show that is 2020.

Before you settle in for the rest of 2020, though, please think about 2021. When the curtain goes up for the Spring 2021 show, you’re going to need some plants on your stage. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re creating a new plant presentation and want to know what plants we’re introducing next year. We always have some exciting stuff to share.

Broadway may have gone dark through the rest of 2020, but you’d better believe it will be back, and both the onstage and backstage talent are keeping their skills sharp, so they’re ready for its return.

There are a lot of jazz hands in the longest-running Broadway show list. One day, we’ll again be able to enjoy shows like this on stage, but until then, we’ll just have to catch the Jazz Hands® show in our yards.

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