Plant of the Week: JAZZ HANDS VARIEGATED® Chinese fringe-flower

When the weather is hot, we look for ways to stay cool. Air conditioning, ice cream, perhaps a frosty beverage.

Some plants can take the heat better than others. Loropetalum chinense is one of them. It’s hardy in USDA 7b-9 and a popular plant in southern states.

Jazz Hands Variegated® Chinese fringe flower is an especially fun variety: the dark foliage is splashed with pink and cream variegation. This is free jazz, not big band.

Jazz Hands Variegated® grows 4-6′ tall and wide and has hot pink flowers. Hot pink is perfect for hot weather!

If you want something a bit more sedate, there are several other Jazz Hands varieties to choose from. All have nice habits and exceptional foliage (flowers, too).

If your climate is too cold for Chinese fringe flower, consider using it as a patio plant. It works either on its own or as part of a mixed container.

And all that jazz…

It’s not New Orleans, but Proven Winners® ColorChoice® will be at booth 0915 at the Cultivate conference in Columbus this year. I’ll be at the conference, too! If you’re in the area, shoot me a message on social, let’s paint the town! – Natalie

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