Plant of the Week: KODIAK® Black Diervilla

Do you need a shrub that’s low maintenance and adaptable for those tough spots in your landscape? Maybe you’ve heard of the native shrub Diervilla

Diervilla is a truly outstanding plant, but let’s face it, it’s not the showiest species out there. That’s where the Kodiak® series comes in! These eye-catching plants have all the durability of Diervilla but with an added burst of color that will make them the stars of your garden.

Natalie has introduced you to two of the Kodiak® Diervilla in the series: Kodiak® Orange and Kodiak® Red. Allow me to introduce you to a third: Kodiak® Black Diervilla

Drama and Durability

Kodiak® Black Diervilla is a showstopper in the garden! It has burgundy-black new growth in the spring, which transitions to dark green in the summer, and dark purple in the fall. This showy plant also boasts stunning yellow trumpet-shaped flowers in summer. 

Diervilla is one tough, easy-growing shrub! It can take sun, it can take shade – even dry shade – and is an all-around durable landscape plant. Note that while Kodiak® Black can thrive in shade, the color will be more pronounced in sun or part shade. It also has good deer resistance. Your tricky landscaping problem is no match for the mighty Kodiak® Diervilla.

The Kodiak® series is great for mass plantings, hedges, foundation plantings, wildlife gardens, and even cut flower gardens. The striking foliage is a great filler for arrangements!

A bumble bee feeding on a Kodiak Black Diervilla flower

And let’s not forget about the softer side of Diervilla. When those beautiful yellow flowers bloom in midsummer, the bees go wild! So not only are you supporting native plants and pollinators, but you’re also creating a visually stunning garden.

Kodiak® Black is hardy in USDA Zones 5-7 and grows to 3-4′ tall and wide.

Have a fabulous weekend, and I will be back next week with another showstopping shrub!

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