Plant of the Week: KODIAK® Red Diervilla

What a great plant!

It’s Kodiak® Red, of course, one of our colorful new Diervilla varieties. If you’re looking for a reliable go-to for your toughest landscape challenges, this could be it.

Sun or shade? No problem. Dry soils? Likewise – but let it get established before you abandon it completely.

The customer wants something low maintenance that looks good and supports wildlife. Done. Bonus: the species is native to North America.

It’s wonderful when a plant is as pretty as it is functional. Check out its blazing fall color in the far right photo!

We’re past fall color, of course, but we did have a few specimens hold onto their foliage long enough for me to show them off at the American Society of Landscape Architects conference in November. They were just beautiful.

The entire Kodiak® series is hardy in USDA 4-7 and grows 3-4′ tall and wide. It’s perfect for mass plantings or wildlife gardens.

I hope Kodiak® Red and Kodiak® Black Diervilla don’t get jealous that their sister, Kodiak® Orange Diervilla, was our Landscape Shrub of the Year for 2021. They are all really great plants, and they all deserve to be noticed. But for 2021, we threw the spotlight to Kodiak Orange.

Wow! December!

As 2021 winds down, I thought it would be good to take another look at all of our 2021 Shrubs of the Year. In a normal year, these plants would have gotten a lot of in-person promotion at trade shows and other events. But, COVID.

So get ready, each one will get a little extra attention in these last few weeks of the year. Until then, keep on growing!

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