Plant of the Week: La Vida Más® Indian Hawthorn

When in drought, plant an Indian Hawthorn

The heat this summer has been no joke, and if you’re a gardener, you may be seeing some of your more picky plants struggling a bit. It may feel like you’re asking for too much, wanting a plant that doesn’t mind the heat, doesn’t need much water, and is still beautiful. But it’s OK to ask more of a plant. La Vida Más® Indian Hawthorn is a perfect example of a plant that does more. 

La Vida Más® Indian Hawthorn produces more flowers. Its sweet pink blooms blanket its handsome green foliage in spring and then again in summer-fall. Not only are the flowers enchanting, but they’ll also have your garden buzzing with pollinators for months rather than weeks. It will even look good when it’s not in bloom because this beauty is evergreen. 

La Vida Más® Indian Hawthorn has a more compact habit of 1-2’ tall and 3-4’ wide, making it perfect for a wide variety of gardens and landscapes. While it can tolerate some shade, for the best bloom, plant this shrub in full sun. 

I apologize to my fellow cool climate gardeners; this gorgeous plant is a southern shrub for USDA Zones 8-10. 

Feeling the Heat? 

Need more recommendations for some shrubs that can not only take the heat but also thrive in it? Check out the video below for ten heat-loving shrubs, or check out this collection of heat-tolerant Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrubs. You are sure to find a shrub that fits your needs!

Have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll be back next week! Stay cool!

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