Plant of the Week: LET’S DANCE ¡ARRIBA!™ hydrangea

Let’s Dance ¡Arriba!™ is perfectly named: let’s get excited about a plant that’s clearly better than everything else.

It produces more flowers than other varieties, it’s more reliable than other Hydrangea macrophylla (a touch of H. serrata blood helps), the big flowers can be either pink or blue, and it’s a compact plant that looks great in a container.

With its fast-growing habit and exuberant flowering, this is a plant that you can count on for lots of blooming power throughout the season.

If you’ve liked the Cityline® varieties, give this one a try. It’s similar in size: 2-3′ tall and wide.

This plant is hardier than many others, growing into USDA 4 with the right site and some protective mulch. It’s such a strong rebloomer that it will flower even if the stems are cut or killed way back.

We like this plant in full sun or part shade. As with any H. macrophylla, pay attention to the soil and what it can do to flower color.

What’s that about flower color?

All Hydrangea macrophylla and H. serrata will be affected by soil. Let’s Dance ¡Arriba!™ is a cross between the two species and will definitely see changes to flower color depending on the soil.

Here’s a good guide to shifting hydrangea flower color. Remember, it can take a while to see the effects of any soil treatment, so plan ahead.

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