Plant of the Week: LET’S DANCE CAN-DO!™ Mountain hydrangea

I know it’s hard. It’s February, which is always rough. Last year was crazy, and it looks like this year will be crazy as well. The entire world is weary.

But we will get through it. Right now, we’re all digging deep for that “can-do” spirit. So it’s a good week for Let’s Dance Can Do!™ mountain hydrangea.

It’s our strongest reblooming hydrangea (so far) and is also the fastest to rebloom, so you have a strong flower display all season and right into fall. Speaking of fall, it has good fall color, too!

Let’s Dance Can Do!™ is a Hydrangea serrata, so it has better bud hardiness overwinter than H. macrophylla. Mountain hydrangeas typically weather spring temperature fluctuations better, too.

It will grow 3-4′ tall and 3′ wide. You can use it in full sun or part shade.

Here’s a nice video showing Let’s Dance Can Do!™ and the other new Proven Winners® hydrangeas for 2021.

And remember, if that lawyer with the Zoom kitten filter can carry on, so can we.

How many Super Bowl rings do Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have?

I really don’t know. But it seems like when they get to the Super Bowl, they win. Hydrangeas are kind of like that (without the haters). When they’re in a competition, hydrangeas are usually favored to win.

So we gave them a break for a season and gave some other genera a season to compete in Shrub Madness without hydrangeas running up the score. But it’s 2021, and hydrangeas are back in the game!

Bracket predictions for the overall competition start February 15, and Shrub Madness voting begins March 1. Let the games begin!

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