Plant of the Week: Let’s Dance Lovable® Reblooming Bigleaf Hydrangea

Two Let's Dance Lovable hydrangeas in a garden

A Hydrangea With a Lot to Love

Happy National Pizza Day! I mean, happy almost Valentine’s Day! Today, I have a hydrangea that is so lovely that it had to have lovable right in the name. 

Close up of the burgundy fall foliage of Let's Dance Lovable hydrangea

Let’s Dance Loveable® hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) blooms first in early summer and again in late summer, boasting vibrant pink or royal purple (even blue) flowers that truly stand out in the garden all summer long. The dark, glossy green foliage turns burgundy in autumn, keeping the show going for another season.

So, how do you know if your blooms will be pink or purple? That depends on your soil. If you have acidic soil (and the presence of aluminum), the blooms will take on a purple or even a blue color. In basic soils, the blooms will be a vibrant pink. Check out this “How Hydrangeas Change Color” blog for more information. 

Close up of a pink Let's Dance Lovable hydrangea bloom
Close up of a purple/blue Let's Dance Lovable hydrangea bloom

Growing to 3-4’ tall and wide, Let’s Dance Lovable® hydrangea works in a wide variety of gardens and landscapes. As a reblooming hydrangea, it also makes for a great cut flower! It is suited for USDA zones 5-9 and thrives in full or part sun (in cooler zones, it does best in full sun, and in warmer zones, it benefits from afternoon shade). 

Pruning is not recommended for Let’s Dance Lovable® hydrangea; even though it flowers on both old and new wood, cutting would impact its flowering potential. If you desire to prune it to shape, it can be done in early spring. If you’d like to deadhead it, do so after bloom.

Weekend Plans

If you’re a football fan, a halftime show fan, or even a Super Bowl party food fan, have a great time this weekend with family and friends. If you’re participating in Valentine’s Day festivities next week, have a fabulous time celebrating love and gratitude, and take some time to scout your garden to see if you have room for one more lovable hydrangea.

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