Plant of the Week: LIL’ DITTY® Viburnum

Lil’ Ditty® Viburnum cassinoides is a fun little plant that’s ideal for gardens and landscapes of any size. It’s just 1-2′ tall and wide, so it fits easily into just about any space.

That small size makes it appealing at your local garden center, too. Viburnum are awesome, but many are a bit awkward as young container plants and may not hold appeal at retail, but this tidy little plant does.

Durable and adaptable, it’s a reliable choice for most gardens, even ones in cold climates. Lil’ Ditty® grows in USDA 3-8.

Fluffy white flowers and glossy foliage are appealing, but there’s more to this plant. If planted near another variety of V. cassinoides it will also produce berries in the fall.

Some will argue that V. cassinoides is a subspecies of V. nudum (Viburnum are notoriously species-fluid). I’m not wading into that nomenclature fight, but you may find that V. nudum flowers at slightly different time, so don’t count on it being a great pollinator for V. cassinoides. That said, Lil’ Ditty can still stand on its own with those gorgeous spring flowers and its tidy little habit.

A week of celebration!

It’s a bit too dry in our neck of the woods for fireworks, which is just fine because most places are opting out anyway. No large gatherings, you know… It remains to be seen if this means a more robust display of people setting off noisy bottle rockets and such this weekend, much to the chagrin of dogs everywhere. Here’s an idea – how about we all just wave some sparklers around and then dunk them in a bucket of water when we’re done?

Better yet, celebrate by trying out a new native plant or two! I’m not a native plant purist, but I do like to try new things in my garden, and the expanding palette of native plant genera in garden centers gives me lots of fun new things to try. This little viburnum is on my shortlist (no pun intended).

Have a fun, safe weekend!

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