Plant of the Week: LOW SCAPE SNOWFIRE™ Chokeberry

Last week I introduced you to Sky Dew™ Gold Vaccinum, a plant that takes us from the end of blueberry season to the start of fall color.

Now I present Low Scape SnowfireAronia, which may have you thinking of that less appealing transition from fall foliage to snow shoveling. Sometimes that happens all in the same week. Relax, this plant isn’t really about snow – at least in fall.

The snow reference comes from its abundant spring flower display. Loads of white flowers cover this plant in spring. If you want a plant that is show stopping in spring and then again in fall, this is it.

If the “snow” part of Low Scape Snowfire™ refers to the spring flowers, you can probably guess what the “fire” is about…fall color!

Yes, this selection of our native Aronia melanocarpa has vibrant red foliage in the fall. It’s another great alternative to burning bush. Fall fruit is a bonus for our wildlife friends and any gardeners who are motivated to make some jam while avoiding their spouse’s football habit.

This plant grows about 3-4′ tall and wide and will grow in full sun or part shade. Use it as a specimen for a pop of both spring and fall interest, or go big and plant a hedge of them. It will grow nicely in USDA 3-9.

Spring impulse appeal and fall foliage!

While we are always trying to send the message that people should buy and plant in the fall, it’s a fact that spring is when many people do all of their shopping. I get it – I’m eager to hit the garden center as soon as I can in spring.

But if they shop on nothing but spring appeal, their landscapes may be a bit drab come October.

Low Scape Snowfire™ chokeberry is a plant that will draw them in during those peak spring planting weekends, which is great for boosting fall garden appeal. This new addition to the Low Scape chokeberry line is brand new; look for it in garden centers in 2023. But if you’re eager to write about it sooner, drop me a line – I’m always happy to try to get a quart or two of new varieties out to my communicator friends.

Keeping the next season in mind is an integral part of garden planning. For more ideas about how to plan now for winter interest in your garden and in other winter décor, here’s an article that suggests ten shrubs to plant now for cut branches in fall and winter.

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