Plant of the Week: ‘Miss Violet’ Butterfly Bush

The Polite Buddleia

Buddleia have a reputation for poor behavior. In some places, they’ve been banned for said bad behavior, but new non-invasive varieties like the ‘Miss’ and Lo & Behold® series are sterile, meaning they can be trusted not to take over the garden with rampant growth and unwanted seedlings. They are permitted for sale in Oregon, so our friends in the Northwest can enjoy Buddleia too!

And with names like ‘Miss Ruby’ and ‘Miss Violet,’ how could these shrubs not be more polite Buddleia than past varieties? 

Our ‘Miss’ series of Buddleia include ‘Miss Molly,’ which Natalie has posted about, ‘Miss Ruby,’ and the star of today’s post, ‘Miss Violet.’ All were developed by Dr. Dennis Warner of NCSU, who also bred the Lo & Behold® series

Close-up of an electric purple bloom of 'Miss Violet' Butterfly Bush

‘Miss Violet’ has rich grape jelly-colored flowers that look great with other late-summer flowers. The long electric purple fragrant flower spikes not only catch the eye of people walking by, but butterflies also love them!

‘Miss Violet’ butterfly bush has a nice compact habit, so it doesn’t develop the weedy look of older selections. At 4-5′ tall and wide, it is a good choice for beds and borders that want a full-sized plant rather than one of the new dwarf ones.

‘Miss Violet’ butterfly bush is hardy in USDA Zones 5-9 and, like all Buddleia, will do best in full sun and well-drained soil. 

Let’s Talk Buddleia

Buddleia has some wonderful qualities, like its affinity for heat and drought tolerance. While other plants are wilting, these characters are strutting their stuff in the summer landscape. Then there’s the fragrance: when you walk towards a planting of Buddleia, it’s like being approached by a perfume demonstrator at the department store. Only with the plant, there’s no judgment of your grubby gardening clothes and no pressure to buy. And then there’s the deer resistance. Yes, they attract butterflies and don’t attract deer. Now that is a winning combination!

Want to know more about butterfly bushes or just want to see some of our gorgeous butterfly bushes in a garden setting? Check out the video below, where Kristina takes you around the trial garden to show off some beautiful butterfly bushes and give you some great tips on growing them.

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