Plant of the Week: MY MONET® & MY MONET PURPLE EFFECT® Weigela

A Masterpiece in Your Garden!

Claude Monet was an important figure in the Impressionist movement, which aimed to capture the effects of sunlight by working quickly and in front of the subjects (often in open air rather than in a studio). Monet painted nature as it appeared to him at that moment and rejected earlier conventions surrounding color, opting to use brighter unmediated colors in his paintings. 

The series of shrubs highlighted this week are appropriately named My Monet® weigela. Both shrubs have stunning vibrant, variegated foliage worthy of a painting. 

Color Your Landscape with My Monet® Weigela

The original My Monet® Weigela’s cream, green, and white variegated foliage will often acquire pink coloration as the season progresses, while My Monet Purple Effect® Weigela has a purple tone in both the foliage and the flowers.

Both of the My Monet® Weigela are dwarf plants that can be used more as a low-growing mass planting than in the traditional border filler role that we expect of a weigela. Their compact habits also make them an excellent choice for container gardening. While the original My Monet® grows 1-1.5′ tall and wide, My Monet Purple Effect® weigela will get a little bigger: 1.5-2.5′.

My Monet Purple Effect® weigela is also faster growing than the original and more heat tolerant. It produces purple-pink flowers in spring, and then the variegated foliage stays nice and bright up to frost, so you have quite a long season of color. Plenty of time to capture their beauty in a painting or a picture. 

Hardy in USDA Zones 4-6, My Monet® and My Monet Purple Effect® will grow in full sun or partial shade.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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