Plant of the Week: North Star® Boxwood

Here in West Michigan, we had a white Halloween on Tuesday; I guess you could say we got a trick rather than a treat (although if you ask my dogs, snow is always a treat). The heavy snowfall that covered all the plants in my garden had me thinking about winter and, more specifically, winter interest in the garden. A classic way to spice up your winter garden is by adding an evergreen. Today’s plant of the week, North Star® boxwood, is a delightful evergreen that was selected for its excellent winter color.

North Star® Boxwood has a dense globe-like habit and shiny green leaves that maintain their dark green color all winter long. It looks great as a thick, low-growing hedge or border. This beautiful shrub provides four seasons of interest in the landscape.

Boxwood doesn’t typically require any pruning, but if desired, in late spring or early summer, it may be trimmed into a tight, formal shape like the ones you see in formal landscapes or structured hedges.

Boxwood is one of the only shrubs that thrive in full sun to full shade and is one of the most deer-resistant shrubs. North Star® grows to 2-2.5’ tall and wide and is hardy in USDA Zones 5-9.

Daylight Saving Time

On Sunday, November 5, Daylight Saving Time ends, and most Americans will be setting their clocks back an hour. And despite talks of ending Daylight Saving Time permanently, it’s not actually going away anytime soon, so enjoy the extra hour of sleep this Sunday!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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