Plant of the Week: OSO EASY DOUBLE RED® Rose

Oso Easy Double Red® rose is our 2020 Rose of the Year because it’s awesome.

That not enough for you?

Oso Easy Double Red® has won a number of awards for both its bloom and its disease resistance. This video shows its nice flowers and clean foliage:

It’s durable. Given full sun and regular water, landscape roses are solid additions to most sites. Hardy to USDA 4, this variety has good winter hardiness and doesn’t have nearly the winter dieback that older varieties do.

Speaking of older varieties, you may see a resemblance to one very familiar one: Knock Out®.

That’s because Oso Easy Double Red® rose is a seedling of Double Knock Out® rose. It’s got a very similar flower color, although Oso Easy Double Red® has more fully doubled, tulip-shaped blooms. They are held up nicely above the foliage for a superior bloom display.

You can count on it having exceptional disease resistance as well as a very long and abundant flower display.

So yeah, Oso Easy Double Red® rose is our Rose of the Year because it’s awesome.

Ready to try this or one of the other Oso Easy® roses?

It’s a nice size – 3-4′ tall and wide. This means it’s big enough to make an impact in the landscape but not so big that it will outgrow its space. Pruning roses is a miserable job, so choosing a variety that doesn’t need heavy pruning for a nice size and habit is really great.

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