Plant of the Week: OSO EASY HOT PAPRIKA® Rose

We’re all ready for a cosmic reboot. That can mean new plants as well as a new calendar. We’re all about new plants here at Proven Winners® ColorChoice, but remember that cool new plants are often sports from varieties that are pretty fabulous in their own right.

Oso Easy Hot Paprika® rose is one such plant. It was spotted by Mike Farrow, an excellent plantsman who has brought a number of great varieties to us through the years. He spotted a branch with deeper orange flowers on an Oso Easy® Paprika rose and propagated it. After some years in the trial gardens, we introduced it as Oso Easy Hot Paprika®.

This rose will grow 1-2′ tall and wide and are quite hardy: USDA 3-9. Like all roses, it wants full sun, but given a healthy 6+ of sunlight each day, it’ll perform well in most any garden or landscape.

They’re nice in containers, as a mass planting, or even as a single plant tucked into a sunny border. I’ve had an Oso Easy® Paprika rose in my backyard for years, and it never fails to put on a wonderful display.

Out with the old, in with the new?

Well, this year has certainly started out with a bang. You may be trying to forget last year, but it seems to be following us into 2021. But don’t lose hope, and don’t forget the good things 2020 held! As these roses show, sometimes you want to hold on to at least something from last season. I think we still have a little more drama to endure. But maybe we can keep ours in the garden.

While most of 2020 was less than ideal, there was a bright spot in an otherwise miserable time. People gardened! Most will garden in 2021 as well. Sure, folks are ready to take that vacation they missed, but the staycation summer gave many people a new appreciation for their backyard. It likely upped the value of a nice backyard for house hunters, too.

Get ready for another busy year. In this ever-changing world, gardening is standing the test of time.

It’s going to be a great year! (I think…)

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