Plant of the Week: OSO EASY ITALIAN ICE® Rose

We’re all ready for 2020 to be done. It’s been a really rough year, and even though there are technically a few more weeks left in it, I think we’re all ready to start living in 2021.

So, here’s the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Rose for 2021: Oso Easy Italian Ice®. All roses are beautiful, but this one has an especially compelling color. It’s much like the classic ‘Peace’ rose but is a landscape-type rose, not a hybrid tea. This means it’s smaller, suitable for mass planting, and generally easy to grow.

That’s what I want in a rose: pretty flowers with minimal effort.

Oso Easy Italian Ice® rose gets about 1.5-2.5′ tall and wide, so it’s perfect for either mass plantings or enjoying a single plant in a patio container. Just be sure to put it in full sun; like all roses, it wants at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.

This plant is hardy in USDA 4-9, so almost everyone in North America can enjoy it.

Oso Easy Italian Ice® rose was developed by Chris Warner, a very nice English rosarian who has bred a number of other Proven Winners ColorChoice roses, including Ringo® and Ringo All-Star, Suñorita®, and a long-time favorite, Oso Easy® Paprika. A few years ago, our resident plant hunter, Tim Wood, wrote a great little blog post about him. Click here to read it.

Proven Winners ColorChoice Plants of the Year

Each year we select a few varieties to highlight in various categories: rose, hydrangea, landscape shrub, and generally fantastic flowering shrubs. This means that the plants get an extra boost of marketing, both to the trade and to consumers. Such as this new ad that will be seen in consumer magazines across the country next year:

Digital ad for Oso Easy Italian Ice Rose

You’ll likely notice new print and digital ads for all our shrubs of the year, as well as regular mentions in the press and in presentations from Proven Winners® staff.

We invite you to piggyback on this extra press in your own presentations. As always, if you ever want to include these, any of our varieties in your columns, books, recordings, or live presentations, feel free to drop Natalie a line – she’s there to provide you with any resources that would help.

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