Plant of the Week: OSO EASY ITALIAN ICE® Rose

It was an epic battle. On the left is a traditional favorite, a rose. Not just any rose, but a disease-resistant version of the classic ‘Peace’ variety, Oso Easy® Italian Ice. On the right, a scrappy spring-blooming garden classic: Double Take Scarlet™ Chaenomeles.

People want and need those spring flowers, especially now. But could a one-hit-wonder beat a plant that flowers all summer long?


Oso Easy® Italian Ice Rose is our Shrub Madness 2020 Champion!

Was this a fair fight? Probably not. Roses are a power conference in the Shrub Madness bracket. Double Take Scarlet® quince was something of a Cinderella. But it was a contender: people love an underdog, and they love spring flowers. Many love spring flowers enough to force them inside.

But this long-blooming, disease-resistant rose is irresistible. At just 1.5-2.5′ tall and wide, it fits into most gardens. Hardy to USDA 4-9, it will grow happily in full sun in most places. No wonder it’s our Rose of the Year for 2021!
March Madness, indeed.

It was one for the ages. Many people are safe at home yet without the distractions they would normally use to fill their time. The basketball tournament? Nope. Concerts? You could watch a Woodstock documentary, but nothing live.

But we have the internet, and people are resourceful. You could scratch your itch for live competition by watching professional drivers race on video games. Or celebrity beer pong. I don’t want to watch either, frankly, but I like some of the live concerts. Like this varsity Mariachi band.

We did our part with Shrub Madness, and hope you all enjoyed the competition. People are ready to garden.

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