Plant of the Week: OSO EASY® Mango Salsa Rose

Okay, okay…I know I promised I’d write about each of the shrubs of the year as we finish out 2021, but we’ve already written about Oso Easy Italian Ice rose twice on this blog, in April 2020 and again in December 2020. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic rose, and it is the 2021 Rose of the Year, so I encourage you to check it out on the National Plant of the Year website.

But for today, let’s learn about a rose with real staying power, Oso Easy® Mango Salsa. This cultivar was introduced to the Proven Winners catalog in 2011, so it’s been going strong for ten years!

And no wonder, with a wide hardiness zone, USDA zones 4-9, and exceptional disease resistance, it’s easy to grow and offers stunning flower color in shades of ruby red grapefruit, summer sunsets, and fancy tropical drinks with umbrellas in them. Just thinking about it heats things up on a cold winter day!

The unusual color is an excellent addition to summer borders and fits in nicely at just 2-3′ tall and wide. It brings a bright punch of color and pairs well with white or blue-flowered annuals or perennials.

Oso Easy® Mango Salsa rose was bred in England by Christopher Warner. Chris Warner has produced many beautiful roses for our collection, many of which are award-winning!


If you’re anything like me or most people in our country, at this time of year, seasonal weight gain is definitely a concern. Cardio exercise can’t be avoided if you truly want to get back in shape. But you don’t have to spend all your time on a treadmill to get your heart pumping. How about shedding some pounds while learning a new dance step? Plus, you can learn it with a partner!

Here is an easy-to-follow video about learning a fun and easy dance, the salsa! And maybe when you’re done, you can treat yourself to some healthy fish with mango salsa.

Until next week, keep growing! – Natalie

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