Plant of the Week: OSO EASY PEASY® Rose

It’s almost here! Mother’s Day. Florists and garden centers have been gearing up for weeks for this busy holiday. In fact, in this industry, Mother’s Day is tied with Christmas for most holiday transactions, behind Valentine’s Day.

And what do moms love? Just like Valentine’s Day, roses are a very popular gift. Of course, we like rose plants. Hardy shrubs, to be exact. Why? They are so beautiful with so little work! And why give mom more work?

Make mom’s gardening chores Oso Easy Peasy® when you choose this adorable little pink polyantha rose, bred by the talented Dr. David Zlesak out of Wisconsin.

Oso Easy Peasy® rose sends out sprays packed with doubled blooms, each with the vivid, tropical hue of dragon fruit. Rosebuds are produced continuously without deadheading, so mom will enjoy them long after her cut flowers from your sibling have been composted, and the vase washed and shelved. It’s super hardy, too, down to USDA zone 4 and heat tolerant to zone 9.

As the photo on the right shows, it makes a beautiful 2.5-3.5′ low hedge as well, just in case you’d like to give her a tray of them. If you want to find some in your neighborhood, you can look for a local garden center that sells them here.

More Mother’s Day Stats

The Society of American Florists has published some interesting statistics surrounding holiday sales. They say that 31% of Americans reported buying flowers or plants for Mother’s Day, 2019. And that was before the pandemic. Plant sales have skyrocketed since then.

Although fresh flowers outsell garden plants two-to-one for Mother’s Day, the National Retail Federation reported that Americans still plan to spend a whopping $31.7 billion on Mother’s Day in 2022. That’s up $3.6 billion from 2021. So there are plenty of sales to go around. The 2022 survey found that 46% of shoppers are looking for a gift that’s unique and creates a special memory. BOOM – flowering shrubs are the answer, right?

No matter what you give or get, we sure do love and appreciate those who have fulfilled the role of mom in our lives, and wish them all the happiest of holidays.

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