Plant of the Week: PARAPLU ADORNED™ Rose of Sharon

One-of-a-Kind Foliage

When I say Rose of Sharon, what is the first thing you think of? My guess is that you think of large tropical-looking flowers. After all, Rose of Sharon isn’t really regarded as a foliage plant. 

What if I told you that the plant of the week this week is a rose of sharon that has stunning foliage that is as showstopping as its beautiful flowers? Meet Paraplu Adorned™ Rose of Sharon

Paraplu Adorned™ rose of sharon has large maple-shaped leaves that emerge in spring as a bright chartreuse-yellow that absolutely shines in the garden, but that’s not all, as over time, the leaves get a dark green spot in the center. In the summer, lavender flowers bloom atop the variegated foliage, creating a magical display in the garden. The large two-toned flowers will attract pollinators as well!

Paraplu Adorned™ is faster growing than other variegated hibiscus, and with its upright habit, it will look great in borders, along foundations, or even used as a hedge or screening. It will get 8-10’ tall and 3-4’ wide and is hardy in USDA 5-8. 

It will thrive in full sun but can be planted in part-shade. Keep in mind that when it is planted in an area that gets less than six hours of sun, it will not flower as prolifically, and its long stems may bend more. 

Because Paraplu Adorned™ keeps a naturally graceful upright habit on its own, regular pruning is not required. If you want to trim your plant to shape, do so in early spring. 

Other Paraplu® Roses of Sharon

If you’re not digging the light purple on this plant, have no fear. Check out our other roses of sharon in the Paraplu® series: Paraplu Violet®, Paraplu Pink Ink®, and Paraplu Rouge™

Have a fabulous weekend, and I look forward to bringing you another great shrub next week!

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