Plant of the Week: PARAPLU® Rose of Sharon

Roses are rouge, violets are blue… Okay, okay, the plants are better than the poetry.

Meet two of the Paraplu® Hibiscus syriacus varieties: Paraplu Rouge™ and Paraplu Violet®. You can probably figure out which is which. There’s a third variety, Paraplu Pink Ink®, that is white with a tie-dyed pink eye, but I’ll save that for another time.

All of the Paraplu® varieties are noted for their really big flowers and intense, saturated color. If you want showy flowers in a late summer garden or garden center, look no further.

Paraplu Rouge™ is the newest of the series, and while not a true red, it is as close as we’ve seen on a rose of Sharon. Paraplu Violet® is similarly impressive, getting as close to blue as seems likely with Hibiscus syriacus.

Both of these plants are about 6-10′ tall and 5′ wide. So not quite as columnar as the Pillar™ varieties, but certainly a good fit for many sites.

Like other rose of Sharon, these plants will want full sun and grow in USDA 5-9.

One of these plants is competing in Shrub Madness

Ah, but which one? You’ll have to check out the Shrub Madness website to find out!

You want to do that anyway because this competition is a lot of fun. Where else can you witness perfectly lovely people telling their neighbors how they really feel about their yards? Well, probably in any number of HOA Facebook groups. But this is fun, we’ll all keep the competition clean, and you get to voice your opinion about plants. And we know how opinionated plant people can be!

So register today, and have fun!

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